New to Practice GPs

In Nottinghamshire approximately 80 trainees complete their training each year. An increase in the number of those staying in Nottinghamshire post training and then being retained during the initial challenging years in General Practice should offset some of the slower delivery of International GP Recruitment.

The scheme offers direct support to 80+ trainees as they complete GP training and become available to work as independent practitioners. The New to Practice scheme will build on the GP Trainee Transition and Preceptorship retention scheme in providing support to newly trained GPs.

Trainees and newly qualified GPs will be offered a range of support according to their needs which will include:

  • access to hosted employment with support, coaching and mentoring
  • portfolio careers advice
  • brokering of discussions with potential employers (mainly GP practices but ultimately emerging federations/PCNs)
  • managed transition into general practice for those requiring sponsorship for Tier 2 visas.
  • hands on support during the first 12 months of their employment as independent practitioners
  • opportunities for development of enhanced skills that will benefit both these doctors but also community services/pathways with the aim of improving patient care

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