Meet The Team

The Phoenix Programme is managed by Plexus Support Services Ltd. Plexus Support Services seconds some of its team to work on the projects it runs including the Phoenix Programme, GP-S and the LMC Buying Group. We also work with a great team of GP associates who support the delivery of Phoenix workforce schemes.

Helen Shuker - Chief Operating Officer

Helen is Chief Operating Officer for Plexus Support Services. Her role involves overseeing the strategic development and day to day operations of the services offered through Plexus including the Phoenix Programme and GP-S. Helen previously held other roles within Plexus (Director of Services and Head of Operations).

Dr Gemma Wilkinson - Clinical Lead

Dr Gemma Wilkinson trained at the University of Nottingham and has been a local GP for almost 20 years. Gemma has a longstanding interest in medical education and has always valued a portfolio career. She has been involved with undergraduate and postgraduate education for doctors, nurses and other health professionals. She is enthusiastic about supporting colleagues to have fulfilling and sustainable careers. She firmly believes that Nottingham is a fantastic place to live and work as a health care professional, as evidenced by the fact that she arrived in 1992 and has worked here ever since.

Dr Daniel Crowfoot - Early GP Career Development Lead

Dr Daniel Crowfoot works as a GP in Nottinghamshire after completing training with the Nottingham GP Specialist Training Programme. Daniel undertook a post-CCT (Certificate of Completion of Training) Fellowship and developed an interest in Medical Education and completed a Master’s in Medical Education. He now holds a portfolio career in undergraduate medical student education and clinical work as a GP. Daniel would like both GP Trainees’ and post-CCT GPs alike to realise the variety, support and potential that post-CCT Fellowships can offer in enhancing careers in primary care.

Dr Clare Veltman - Mid and Senior Careers Scheme Lead

Clare trained at Nottingham University Medical School and after house jobs spent a year working and travelling in New Zealand, after which she returned to the East Midlands and has never left since! She completed GP training in Nottingham and was a GP partner in Derbyshire for 15 years before embarking upon a change in career direction, becoming a salaried GP and making a start on developing a portfolio career. As well as working in General Practice, Clare is also a GP Appraiser, GP Peer Mentor and Mentor Lead and is enjoying the variety of work these roles offer. She is passionate about supporting all GPs to get the most out of both their career and life itself and is particularly keen that mid and senior career GPs also have opportunities to develop new interests and are supported in trying new things. She firmly believes that it is never too late to undertake new challenges and that Fellowships can be beneficial for any GP.

Dr Kirran Bilkhu - Return to Work Scheme Lead

Kirran is a GP at Castle Healthcare Practice in West Bridgford and has been on the team at the Phoenix Programme, leading the Return to Work scheme since January 2020. The scheme is aimed at supporting doctors returning to practice after career breaks, who as a group are particularly vulnerable to leaving the profession. Soon after finishing GP training in Birmingham in 2010, she took a rare opportunity to work in a healthcare clinic in Malawi. This provided her with experience in delivering acute care in a challenging setting with little resource. She is married to a serviceman and hence has worked in a variety of positions in both Nottingham and Surrey including locum, salaried and partnership at Lombard Medical Practice in Newark giving a good insight into working in General Practice from a variety of angles. She completed the DPD in 2012 with Cardiff University and retains an interest in Dermatology.

Dr Minali Gupta - Trailblazer Fellowship Scheme Lead

Minali is a portfolio GP working in Hyson Green. She came to medical school here in Nottingham at the age of 18 and has basically never left! After completion of her foundation years in QMC and Lincoln, and the Nottingham VTS, she qualified as a GP in 2015. Her passion for medical education and health inequalities led her to complete the Trailblazer Fellowship in 2021 and also become a GP Educational Supervisor/Trainer with a Postgraduate Certificate in Clinical Education. Minali has now found the perfect role combining all of her interests as the Educational Lead for the Nottingham Trailblazer Fellowship. She also works as a GP Associate for Nottinghamshire Alliance Training Hub as a member of the multi-professional support unit. She is enthusiastic about guiding and supporting her colleagues to discover their ideal work/life balance and hopefully more rewarding careers within healthcare. Outside of work, her interests include travel (including some rather far-flung and unusual destinations around the world!), scuba diving, wine tasting and horse riding.

Dr Natasha Davidson - Portfolio Work GP Lead

Natasha is a portfolio GP working in a practice in Rushcliffe. She trained as a medical student in Nottingham and hasn’t looked back as Nottingham is now her home. After foundation training and three years of Obstetric and Gynaecology training, Natasha changed career path and finally completed her GP training in 2018. She has an interest in both medical education and Gynaecology. As well as clinical sessions, Natasha works within the Community Gynaecology clinics with PICS, as a Mid-career PCN fellow with the Phoenix Programme and as Portfolio lead for the New to Practice Fellowship. Natasha is keen to showcase to early career GPs all the many advantages of portfolio working.

Dr Oluwaseyi Olumodeji - International Medical Graduate (IMG) GP Fellow

Dr Oluwaseyi Olumodeji works as a GP in Nottingham after completing her GP training from the North Staffordshire Training Scheme. She is an International Medical Graduate and has a background training in Public health and Public health management. Her exposure as an IMG GP trainee and early career GP has helped her to understand some of the challenges that IMGs could face. She is hoping to identify support needs, which when met, will improve the experiences and outcomes of IMG colleagues. She has a strong desire to support colleagues and see positive change.

Dr Angela Chandrasena - New to Practice GP Tutor

Angela has been a GP for five years working in a practice in Rushcliffe. She trained as a Medical student in London then moved to Nottingham to finish her foundation years and finally GP training. She has an interest in Medical Education and has loved being a student again working towards her Masters in Medical Education at the University Nottingham. Angela is currently working on a project investigating why GP trainees underperform. She has recently become involved with the Phoenix Programme on the New to Practice Scheme and also enjoys getting involved with the training of GP registrars and medical students at her practice.

When at home, she loves being a Mummy to her two boys and spending time with her family. She is a keen reader and always has a few books by her bedside, adores travelling and exploring new countries. She has also now become more interested in fitness and loves following Joe Wicks and running outside!

Dr James Waldron - New to Practice and Trainee Transition GP Tutor

James is a GP working in Nottingham and works with the Phoenix programme as a Tutor for the New to Practice and Trainee Transition Programme schemes. Though originally from the south, he moved to Nottingham for University but loved it so much he did his training here and intends to stay! James has a great interest in technology and online interactive education and has a boundless enthusiasm and drive to create and support communities of doctors and learners and also in finding new ways of doing things and delivering interesting interactive education. As a big extrovert he loves nothing better than spending time with people and has a passion for music and am dram, and is busy filling his house with guitars (15 and counting) but also play the violin with the NSO. James is also an avid traveller having taken 2 years within training to explore the world and try new and exciting things!

Dr Paul Davis - Trainee Transition GP Tutor

Paul is a GP in Rushcliffe. He moved to the East Midlands to attend the University of Nottingham for his medical degree, which he completed in 2013. He joined the Phoenix Programme TTP team in 2021 having spent a year as a GP fellow after completion of GP training from the Nottingham scheme. This year enabled Paul to pursue his interest in education and undertake a Post Graduate Certificate in Medical Education. Alongside his clinical work and role as a TTP tutor, Paul also works for the Nottinghamshire Alliance Training Hub as a GP associate and enjoys the varied elements of a portfolio career. Outside of work he enjoys running, cooking and travel.

Dr Chisom Anaduaka - Trainee Transition GP Tutor

Chisom is a Salaried GP in Mansfield. She moved to the UK in 2016 following her MBBS in Nigeria, an MSc in Neuroimaging (UCL) and an 18 month experience as a Clinical tutor in a Medical school in the Caribbean country of Grenada. She is a new to practice GP fellow and is currently enrolled in a Post Graduate Diploma in medical education and has plans to become a Trainer as she builds up her portfolio career as a GP/Medical Educator. Outside of work Chisom enjoys time with family and friends, watching movies and reading lots of non-fiction novels.

Dr Laura Turnbull - Trainee Transition GP Tutor

Laura is a GP Partner working in Rushcliffe. She completed medical school in Sheffield and then moved to Nottingham to complete her VTS training. Laura has an interest in medical education and has completed Post Graduate Certificate in Medical Education, she is also involved in medical student teaching and medical student supervision in practice. Laura also has a particular interest in women’s health and contraception.

Dr Nick Johal - Trainee Transition GP Tutor

Dr Nick Johal is a salaried GP working in Rushcliffe. He grew up in Nottingham before training in Birmingham and Manchester, and then returned to his hometown for GP training. He is a New to Practice Fellow and has a strong interest in medical education, recently becoming a clinical supervisor and TTP tutor. Outside of work he enjoys travel with his family, sports and supporting his beloved Nottingham Forest.

Dr Jess Hall - Trainee Transition GP Tutor

Jess is a salaried GP working at a practice in Rushcliffe. She qualified in 2010 from the University of Birmingham and after spending her foundation years here moved home to Nottingham. After completing training she worked in Derbyshire and then moved to Rushcliffe. Jess has an interest in sustainable healthcare and the principles of lifestyle medicine. She has completed a two year mid-career fellowship with the Phoenix programme which focused on greener respiratory care. She also helped set up and is a member of the local Greener Practice group. She has a interest in education and has gained experience in this via the fellowship. In her spare time, she loves Parkrun, keeping fit and spending time with her family.

Amanda Piper - Business Support and Finance Manager

Amanda joined Plexus as its Business Support Officer in May 2018 and was promoted to Business Support and Finance Manager in October 2022. She looks after the accounts for Phoenix.

Ashleigh Beer - Business Support Officer

Ashleigh works as a Business Support Officer for Plexus. Ashleigh provides administrative support to the wider Phoenix Programme team in the day-to-day operations.

Raheema Din - Marketing and Events Officer

Since the completion of Raheema’s business administration apprenticeship in 2018, she has taken on a number of roles within Plexus. She is currently working as our Marketing and Events Officer. Raheema leads on social media, communications and events for Phoenix.