Return to Work Scheme

Many of us are familiar with the feeling of being a bit rusty coming back to work after a holiday. We rely on knowing who to ask and where to look for relevant resources but once back up to speed, it quickly feels like we were never away.

The reasons for having a career break from General Practice are numerous and periods of absence can be extensive. Time out of practice is often not voluntary and upon return we may have additional priorities, such as recovering from illness or caring for new members of our families.

Returning to the fast changing GP landscape, compounded by the onset of COVID-19 may feel quite overwhelming. We recognise the specific challenges GPs returning from career breaks face and aim to support this process.

What we offer:

  • Resources for GPs and practices to help with all aspects of return to work
  • Events to help support your return and enable networking
  • Peer support and buddying
  • A funded clinical update course for GPs who have been on career break for over three months
  • A funded ‘Beat Stress and Thrive’ course for GPs who have been on career break for over three months

There is a wealth of information and a great deal of support out there to make your transition back to work as smooth as possible and help rekindle your career enthusiasm. If you have any further queries or comments please don’t hesitate to contact us by email.


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