Return to Work Scheme: Information for Employers

The ‘Return to Work’ scheme is a Nottinghamshire Phoenix Programme initiative that aims to support local GPs who have been on a career break for any reason for more than three months.

We offer a range of support for GPs including:

  • Funded Red Whale GP Update Course to keep GPs updated on clinical knowledge while off work.
  • Funded Shapes Toolkit Coaching Package to help build confidence for GPs to return to the workplace.
  • GP Return to Work Survival Series – a free 3-4 session series covering all aspects of return to work and career planning and also offers an opportunity for networking and peer support.
  • Notts New Mums WhatsApp Group – a peer support group discussing common queries while off or returning from maternity leave.
  • ‘Return to Work’ section of the Phoenix Programme website – offering a wealth of resources pre, during and post career break e.g. Induction pointers, KIT day guidance, finances for GP parents and many more.

For access to the scheme and support, GPs need to register with the Phoenix Programme or email us..

Our website also has a wealth of resources to direct individuals to including sections on pre, during and post absence planning. These sections may also be useful for practice managers for resources and induction guides for a GP’s return.

Sickness/Parental Leave Reimbursements

The Loc1 form should be used by practices to claim and must be submitted. When returning the Loc1 form, you need to submit the relevant evidence to support the claim e.g., MatB1 or MED3 notes.

Useful information regarding ‘rights and responsibilities at work’, including maternity and paternity leave, sickness etc. can be found on the Acas website.

Locum reimbursement for parental leave eligibility

The GP must be on leave for longer than one week and must be entitled to parental (maternity, paternity and adoption) leave under statute, their contract of employment (in the case of salaried GPs), the partnership agreement or other agreement between the partnership (for GP partners).

Locum reimbursement for sickness leave eligibility

The GP must be absent for more than two weeks before reimbursement costs will be paid. The only requirement is that the absent GP provides a fit note.

Further information


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