Mental Health: Useful Websites

Below are a selection of some websites which may benefit you, focusing on specific mental health areas including anxiety and depression.

  • Anxiety UK: This website gives you access to resources and support for a wide range of anxiety-specific conditions. Membership is £40 per year and includes access to Headspace for one year (at time of writing).
  • No More Panic: Online forum, support and resources.
  • No Panic: Helpline and resources for those suffering with anxiety and related conditions. The Helpline number is 0844 967 4848 (Everyday 10am-10pm, Charge: 5pence a minute plus your access charge).
  • Mental Health Foundation: Useful guides and tips for managing mental health.
  • Depression UK: A national mutual support group for people suffering from depression. Email: info@depressionuk.org.


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