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We’ve all had moments at work when we’ve thought, “am I really meant to be working here?”, “is this what I want to be doing for the rest of my life?”.

This section of the website aims to signpost you to all resources known to the Phoenix Programme that might be able to help you with struggles at work, from time management and finding inspiration in your current role, to considering a change in direction in your career.


Coaching can be a key part of career decision making and we are lucky in Nottinghamshire to be able to access a variety of coaching opportunities:

  • GP-S is a free mentoring, coaching and signposting service for general practice which supports you to make the best decisions for you and allows you to create your own positive change within your career and personal life. GP-S can support GP trainees (ST3 only) and GPs across Nottinghamshire.
  • RCGP coaching: coaching provided by the RCGP for both members and non-members.
  • NHS Looking after you too coaching: coaching provided directly by the NHS for all staff to support you by providing opportunities to process experiences, develop coping skills, deal with difficult conversations, and develop strategies for self-management in difficult circumstances.
  • NHS Looking after your career coaching: coaching provided by the NHS with more of a focus on your career. If you are thinking about your career and what you want from your current role, or if you are thinking about exploring new opportunities and making some changes, the coaching is designed to support you to take more control over your career direction and proactively advance it.
  • If you are a newly qualified GP (salaried/partner) within your first 2 years post-CCT you may be eligible to become a New to Practice Fellow. This involves access to regular, funded mentoring. This is slightly different to coaching but still extremely useful as way of checking in with an experienced colleague and reviewing your career aspirations/any work issues.

Part of the process of coaching involves getting to know yourself – there are a variety of personality profiling/strength finding tools out there:


  • You Are Not a Frog with Dr Rachel Morris – podcasts for those working in high-stakes, high-stress jobs who want to thrive rather than just survive.
  • Next Gen Cast – inspiring and eye-opening podcasts with prominent NHS leaders
  • Boggled Dogs with Dr Nik Kendrew – podcasts about current health-related media issues that patients may bring to your attention.
  • Unlocking Us podcast with Brené Brown – a podcast about human connection, leadership and many other topics.
  • The Nottinghamshire LMC podcast – a podcast led by our very own LMC that will help you to better understand the local landscape.
  • eGPlearning Podblast – a podcast on health technology by Nottingham based GPs Dr Hussain Ghandi and Dr Andrew Foster.

Blogs and interesting articles

  • eGPlearning – useful practical resources to help with efficiency at work, YouTube videos and much more created by local Nottinghamshire GP Dr Hussain Ghandi
  • Sign up to the NHSEI Appraisal and Revalidation GP newsletter for useful updates on appraisal via this email.
  • Dr Kate White talks about alternative careers on her blog and website
  • Health Education England lists alternative career options for medical students
  • Rebecca Ghani explores alternative careers for qualified doctors
  • Dr Zaid Al-Najjar explains what his role as a medico-legal adviser involves and how he still practices as a GP.
  • The Wellbeing GP is a great Facebook page run by Dr Helen Garr for general wellbeing for GPs
  • Dr Caroline Walker helps doctors to embrace their strengths and take better care of themselves and each other through the Joyful Doctor.

Alternative career options within General Practice

See the portfolio working section of the website for more detailed ideas on this here. Other options not already mentioned on the portfolio working area include:

Struggling at work and looking for some practical tips

See this link for more detail on:

  • Time management
  • Difficult patients
  • Assertiveness and saying no
  • GMC referral and complaints
  • Burnout

Looking for something different


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