Trailblazer Fellowship

We all recognise the importance of providing excellent quality healthcare for patients living in areas of deprivation. Working as a GP in such practices is extremely motivating and rewarding, however it can also present challenges, particularly in dealing with patients with complex health and social care needs and has historically led to some practices struggling to recruit and retain staff.

The Trailblazer Fellowship scheme, which originated in Yorkshire and Humber and was itself based on work from the Deep End group in Glasgow, enables early career GPs to feel supported to work in practices with significant health inequalities. Fellows are offered funded time alongside their clinical sessions for self-development to pursue project work and attend local and national education programmes.

The Phoenix Programme is delighted to lead the Trailblazer GP Fellowships for Nottinghamshire in collaboration with Health Education East Midlands and Nottinghamshire Alliance Training Hub.

In autumn 2020 this scheme created five new posts for our first cohort of early career GPs working within local practices with high deprivation indices. The second cohort of six GP fellows began their posts in October 2021.

We are now looking for host practices for cohort three which will start in September 2022. You can find out more in this guidance document and interested practices can complete the application form . If you are interested in becoming a Trailblazer fellow then please do get in touch via email.

Comment from practice manager

“We’ve not been able to recruit for so long and now have a choice of several applicants who would all be a great fit”

Comments from Trailblazer fellows

“I love that this fellowship exists! It has helped me link to a practice who are passionate about the same things I am and will hopefully mean that I will stay local for a long time to come”

“Any fellowship is an incredibly valuable opportunity, but Trailblazer is specifically geared towards working in areas of deprivation and supporting practices, which is very rewarding. The paid educational and study sessions were useful to develop further skills and educational certificates/diplomas, such as medical education, public health and mental health. This was a great opportunity to not only develop ones’ clinical career, but also explore other professional opportunities and work towards a portfolio GP career.”


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