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Core Functions

  • Develop and expand capacity of high quality learning placements at undergraduate and postgraduate level. Include provision for training and development for multi-professional educators.
  • Support better understanding of local workforce planning needs and how these might be realised across the STP, ICS and Primary Care Network level across health (and social care).
  • Support the development and realisation of educational programmes to develop the primary / community care workforce at scale to address identified population health needs or support service re-design and delivery of integrated care.
  • Coordination of education and training placements.
  • Support improving educational quality and governance.
  • Enable, support and embed ‘new roles’ within primary care.
  • Support for recruitment and retention of the primary care workforce across key transitions (e.g preceptorships) and stages of career.
  • Active role in promoting primary care as a career aspiration.

Current Activities

  • Work experience placements
  • Undergraduate medical and nursing placements
  • Development of supervisors including nurse mentors to support nursing placements
  • Undergraduate and postgraduate pharmacy placements
  • Return to practice – nursing and medical
  • Physician associate student placements / preceptorships
  • Activity reporting process

Core Functions: Development

  • Support and enable ‘place based’ education and training
    - Management of clinical placement tariffs
    - At scale co-ordination and management of all clinical learning placements
    - Improving the integration of individual training programmes between professions and between “learners” and wider primary care education and training initiatives
    - Enable population, health and public health needs to be met
    - Co-ordination and development of the multi-professional educator faculty
  • Further development of preceptorship programmes / placements including but not limited to nursing and medical
  • Support development of rotational programmes for new roles
  • Enhanced integration of initiatives between HEE / NHSE/I
  • Working at scale so that HEI educational programmes reflect and are responsive to local needs

Realising Potential

  • Need for continued strengthening of the education and training infrastructure to support functions systematically at scale through:
    - Every sustainability and transformation partnership (STP) and integrated care system (ICS) with strong links maintained between training hubs, HEE and the primary care schools, Public Health England and NHSE/I
    - Every primary care network (PCN) within the STP/ICS footprint to have access to resources and support from the training hub

Training Hub Coverage

  • Training Hub programme based on a principle of inclusion
  • Currently: Variations in size, available infrastructure and maturity to enable place based approaches to be fully realised
  • Currently: Variations in relationships and functionality of those relationships
  • By March 2020 it is proposed all primary care networks will have access to training hub resources
  • By March 2020 all primary care networks to be supported through training hubs to develop and maximise teaching and learning environments and capacity
  • To support this, data capture to include:
    - Numbers and % of linked CCGs and primary care networks 
    - Numbers and % of primary care networks hosting placements and programmes 
    - Numbers of approved supervisors and environments in each role within primary and community care

Training Hubs: Schematic

Educational Governance

  • Primary care school HEE lead, in role of quality assurance for learning environments
  • Training hubs lead, in role of quality management for learning environments in their footprint and accountable to HEE primary care school lead
  • Provider units: GP practices, community providers, primary care networks responsible for quality within their organisations

Financial Governance and Accountability

  • Training hub accountable for delivery of system workstream activities to implementation group (with shared onward accountability to HEE / NHSE/I as appropriate)
  • Training hub accountable to HEE primary care workstream activities
  • Provider units: GP practices, community providers, primary care networks responsible for quality within their organisations

The Primary Care School - HEE

  • The strategic lead in each HEE local office or region will be responsible for the delivery of education to all learners in clinical and clinically related placements at all stages of learning across the multi-professional context
  • Role: both strategic in setting vision and supporting the wider workforce initiatives at local, regional and national levels
  • Provides overarching educational, quality and financial management through contracted activity with the training hubs through formal arrangements
  • Strategic lead for educator faculty development
  • Initial non-medical focus but with links to GP school and a potential direction of travel to join the two

The Training Hub

  • Clearly accountable to HEE primary care schools with regard to:
    - Quality of placements and supervisors
    - HEE led / delivered programmes
  • Also accountable to STP level integration board
    - recruitment and retention of workforce initiatives
    - workforce transformation initiatives
    - workforce solutions to address population health (and social care) needs

The Training Hub - Infrastructure

  • Infrastructure will need to have sufficient adaptability across the range of geographies
  • To accommodate this modelling based on an indicative population size of 300,000


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