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In autumn 2021 we partnered with Phoenix GP and mid-career colleagues in Derbyshire through the GP Task Force to embark on a six month programme of group education. This programme was advertised to all GPs across Nottingham and Nottinghamshire.

We have heard from a range of inspirational speakers, we have had two sessions of group coaching and we have undertaken a series of workshops with the Time for Care team to enable participants to learn new skills to take back into their own practices and teams.

It has been a great opportunity to bring together liked minded colleagues for learning, support and networking. As a result of one of the sessions, peers are now exploring a mutual interest in lifestyle medicine.

“Re-energising and great to connect to others”
“Really grateful for this programme – I’ve been feeling very burned out and not sure where to turn. This has really helped me get my zing back – feeling energised & inspired!!”

Further details about the Nottinghamshire and Derbyshire programme can be found on the Phoenix GP website


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