New to Practice Fellowship - Introduction & Resources

What is the New to Practice Fellowship?

  • National NHSE scheme for GPs within two years of CCT
  • Available to all GPs in a substantive post (salaried, partnership, retainer)
  • Funding for protected self-development time of up to one session per week reimbursed monthly via your practice (pro-rata rate)
  • Offer of local support, facilitated employment discussions and induction materials for starting work
  • Monthly education programme on relevant topics to ease your path from training into independent practice
  • Builds peer support and connections with local networks
  • Coaching and mentoring opportunities
  • Chance to learn new skills in important areas such as quality improvement, practice management, remote working
  • Opportunity to start or develop your portfolio career

To join please register with the Phoenix Programme.


NTP GP Fellowship Launch Video & Guide

We have produced a guide about the national New to Practice Fellowships for GPs in their first two years post CCT and you can also view a video of the NTP scheme launch.

Employing a New to Practice GP

This guidance document outlines the benefits of employing a new to practice GP and how the Phoenix Programme can offer support.

Employment advice and resources

If you would like to become a fellow, but need help finding a permanent position then please contact info@phoenixprogramme.co.uk for further advice. We can help signpost you to local job opportunities and facilitate employment discussions. We also have expertise in assisting colleagues who require sponsorship for Tier 2 visas.

During summer 2020 we produced webinars in collaboration with GP Task Force Derbyshire and Vale of Trent RCGP:

New GP Induction Document

This detailed document for newly qualified GPs provides information and advice about starting work in a new practice. This has been compiled by Dr Lucy Clayton (a previous New to Practice GP Tutor) and Dr Kirran Bilkhu who leads our Return to Work scheme.

NHS Appraisal

Doing your first NHS appraisal can be daunting, however you are almost certainly better prepared than you think! You have been used to writing in e-portfolios and reflecting on your practice throughout your training. In fact for some new colleagues it can be a challenge to recognise that you do not need to produce the same volume of material that you have previously. We will cover appraisal during our CPD sessions and this has proved to be a popular topic in the past.

During autumn 2020 we produced a webinar in collaboration with GP Task Force Derbyshire and Vale of Trent RCGP on NHS appraisal:

Other Useful Resources

  • The RCGP provides useful information about the benefits of being an RCGP member during the First5 years. If you are interested in linking in with the local First5 group then please contact Dr James Waldron. You can sign up to the First 5 emails for monthly CPD via email. They also have a Facebook page where we can connect and keep you updated about lots of opportunities.
  • Dr Hussain Gandhi is a local Nottingham GP with a special interest in technology enhanced primary care learning. eGPlearning is a useful website with links to podcasts and other relevant materials. There are videos for if you want to learn more about PCNs or understand the acronyms you hear about in primary care.


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