New to Practice Fellowship: CPD & Peer Support

Programme for monthly CPD

Our CPD sessions are currently being held virtually. Topics are based on the national guidance for New to Practice Fellowships and on feedback and suggestions from fellows themselves. The teaching will generally be held on Tuesdays alternating monthly between an afternoon session and an evening session to aim to give flexibility for the largest number of fellows to attend. Occasionally the day of the week might need to change to accommodate a specific speaker.

Next Dates

19 March 2023
Negotiation and Assertiveness
Nottingham Castle Lawn Tennis Club, Tennis Drive, The Park, Nottingham, NG7 1AE

Join us for an engaging teaching session on the New to Practice Programme, focused on the essential skills of negotiation and assertiveness. This face-to-face interactive session provides a unique opportunity for General Practitioners (GPs) to enhance their abilities in navigating challenging situations both with patients and colleagues. During the session, you will explore the language and techniques used to assertively communicate your needs and concerns. You will also learn effective strategies for handling conflicts and negotiations, whether they involve patients, contracts, or working practices. By developing these skills, you can ensure resilience, fair remuneration, and a balanced workload.

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Peer Support

Whether you’ve trained locally or have just moved to the area, feeling connected to other early career GPs is really important. By participating in the fellowship and attending our CPD meetings you will already be building these relationships. We have a New to Practice Fellows WhatsApp group which is a great way to keep in touch and communicate. If you are a fellow and are not already a member then please contact info@phoenixprogramme.co.uk for joining details.

As you come towards the end of the fellowship we will help those interested to form an independent action learning set in order to continue to support each other beyond those first two years.


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