New to Practice Fellowship: CPD & Peer Support

Programme for monthly CPD

Our CPD sessions are currently being held virtually. Topics are based on the national guidance for New to Practice Fellowships and on feedback and suggestions from fellows themselves. The teaching will generally be held on Tuesdays alternating monthly between an afternoon session and an evening session to aim to give flexibility for the largest number of fellows to attend. Occasionally the day of the week might need to change to accommodate a specific speaker.

Next Dates

21 May 2024, 2-4pm: How to stay out of trouble (and what to do if you are in it!)

This session is in partnership with a medical defence organisation to help you to:

  • Review the legal and ethical principles underpinning medicolegal practice in the UK, including duty of care, patient confidentiality, consent, and professional boundaries.
  • Identify key medicolegal risks and challenges commonly encountered in GP practice, such as managing patient complaints and navigating medico-legal documentation
  • Develop skills in effective communication and documentation practices to mitigate medicolegal risks
  • Learn strategies for minimising medicolegal risks during clinical consultations and procedures
  • Explore resources and support mechanisms available for GPs to manage and mitigate medicolegal risks and what your MDO can do for you.

Wednesday 19th June: Early Years GP Conference

Following on from the success of last years conference, the Phoenix Team are looking forward to speaking at the Early Years GP Conference 2024. Please add the date for this whole day event in your diaries with more information to follow.

23 July 2024, 2-4pm: Where does the money go?

We hear a lot about funding but ever feel that you don’t have a good grasp on where all the funding goes? Wanting to know more about how much is in the pot and what that means for primary care. This session will align you to:

  • Understand the mechanisms by which funding is allocated to primary care services in the UK
  • Analyse the impact of funding models on the provision of primary care services, including implications for service accessibility, quality of care, and patient outcomes.
  • Identify key factors influencing resource allocation within primary care, such as population needs, geographical considerations, and priorities set by healthcare policymakers.
  • Explore the financial challenges faced by GPs, including funding constraints and implications for workforce sustainability and morale.
  • Discuss strategies for influencing and shaping funding policies and resource allocation within primary care

17 September 2024, 2-4pm: Improving wellbeing in the workplace

Make yourself the priority and join the Phoenix Team with this session focused on wellbeing in the workplace. This session will cover:

  • Common reasons for stress and burnout
  • Creating a happy workplace
  • Ways to improve resilience and wellbeing.
  • Mindfulness exercises and ways to feel more relaxed at work.

22 October 2024, 7.15-9pm: Perfecting your Portfolio

This face to face event is designed to showcase the possibilities of portfolio working and it will cover what is involved with GP appraisal. Attend this session to:

  • Unravel appraisal and learn how you can make it work for you to grow your confidence and guide your learning
  • Hear from Portfolio GPs and how they managed to create and build their careers and find opportunities
  • Explore your own motivations to find fulfilling careers
  • Discover approaches for growing your career in the way you want to

Peer Support

Whether you’ve trained locally or have just moved to the area, feeling connected to other early career GPs is really important. By participating in the fellowship and attending our CPD meetings you will already be building these relationships. We have a New to Practice Fellows WhatsApp group which is a great way to keep in touch and communicate. If you are a fellow and are not already a member then please contact info@phoenixprogramme.co.uk for joining details.

As you come towards the end of the fellowship we will help those interested to form an independent action learning set in order to continue to support each other beyond those first two years.


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