Mid-Career PCN Fellowship: Feedback from Fellows 2021-22

How have your career plans changed as a result of the Fellowship?

  • It has made me realise that there are other opportunities out there than just coal-face GP… I don’t have to INCREASE clinical role but can seek other roles.
  • Now I am able to have a portfolio career in an area I am really interested in. This has happened totally as a result of the fellowship.
  • I am more comfortable with continuing into NHS leadership roles and advisory roles
  • I have reflected on my current ‘happiness’ within my career and made changes to improve this.
  • I will look at different portfolio gp options to complement my current gp role.
  • I feel more confident about finding and taking up portfolio career opportunities
  • I am not sure, it’s maybe too early to say as I have been busy with the project but I would say it will definitely have an impact on my career
  • I have broadened my knowledge and become more expert in a particular field. I am hoping this will enable me to move my career in different directions in the future
  • I have a clearer understanding of what I want from my career albeit implementing this is still a work in progress
  • Definitely, I’ve been offered a community lead GP job

What has been the single most important thing that you have learned as a result of the Fellowship?

  • An overall feel for how the wider community/management/ICB structure/council etc actually fit into working for health of the community together with some contacts for the future in my area.
  • To be braver and more confident.
  • How effectively the PCN can form collaborations and links if a senior GP is given the headspace and protected time to work on this.
  • Learning and sharing with our fellowship Colleagues
  • The importance of connections within a team (be it practice or PCN) and with the wider team (e.g. locality, social care, allied health care professionals etc).
  • Networking
  • To believe in myself – at the start I had no experience in this sort of project work and now I am really proud of what I have achieved and feel better able to take up future opportunities
  • NHS politics can be exhausting
  • That there is something outside the clinical box which helped me to feel more resilient in the day to day clinical work
  • Confidence and to start to put my imposter syndrome tendencies aside
  • I am not alone in my struggles and people do care and want to help. This allows one thing – that change can happen for the better
  • Perseverance and staying focussed to the task. It was a very good networking opportunity with fellow colleagues who are more or less in the same position in terms of career and life. I hope to build on the fellowship and I’d certainly recommend to others.


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