Guidance for Locum GPs

Medical indemnity guidance for GPs

Locum GPs and salaried GPs employed by practices are not indemnified by the NHS scheme and therefore require personal medical indemnity. Similarly, doctors undertaking private work or work in independent hospitals are responsible for arranging their own indemnity with a medical defence body of their choice. Click on the highlighted link for BMA guidance and FAQs.

Tips for Sessional GPs

Some Sessional GPs require support with the appraisal and revalidation process, particularly with gathering appropriate supporting information on quality improvement activity and significant events and collecting feedback from both colleagues and patients. Click on the highlighted link for the BMA guidance.

Locum Chambers FAQs

Joining other locum GPs to form a ‘chambers’, a model used by various professionals including barristers and consultants, is an alternative way of organising locum work. Click on the highlighted link for the BMA’s FAQs on joining and setting up a locum chambers.

Sessional GP Groups and Chambers

There are many sessional GP groups and chambers across the UK. If you’d like to contact one, please sign in to NASGP’s Practeus Dashboard and select a group from ‘Groups closest to you’. Details are available for NASGP members on their website.

Locum Blogs

The NASGP website hosts various blogs from a variety of sources. If you’re interested in these blogs, please click on their website and take a look here.

Locum FAQs

The NASGP website has a section dedicated to frequently asked questions regarding various aspects of life as a locum GP. This includes queries regarding cancellations at short notice, using the Locum Toolkits, and DBS checks. See the Locum FAQs on their website.

Locum Workforce Support Event Webinar

Nottingham and Nottinghamshire ICS, Nottinghamshire LMC and the Phoenix Programme jointly hosted a workforce support webinar for locum GPs on 27 May. The event featured a Q&A session which allowed locums to voice issues they’ve experienced during the Covid-19 pandemic.

Click on the highlighted link to view the webinar recording.


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