The offer

  • Once you contact GP-S you will be allocated a mentor lead who will make contact with you within two working days.
  • The mentor lead will arrange an on the phone initial assessment which will enable us to allocate you to an appropriate mentor for you.
  • The mentor will then make contact with you within two weeks to arrange your first session.
  • From this point you will have access to four two hour long sessions of 1-1 mentoring with your mentor over the course of 12 months (two sessions for ST3s).
  • Sessions can take place at a time and place that suits you.

Please note that GP-S is not an emergency service – If you find yourself in such a situation please seek help from your own GP or other agencies or contact BMA Counselling by calling 0330 123 1245.

You can register your interest in GP-S through the Phoenix Programme or you can self-refer yourself straight to GP-S by sending them an email.


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