GP Fellowship Celebratory Event

23 October 2023

The Phoenix Programme ran their second annual celebratory event on Wednesday 4 October 2023. This event brought together the achievements and hard work of the fellows from three of the Phoenix fellowship cohorts over the last year.

The event was attended by 32 fellows from the Trailblazer, Mid-career Phoenix-PCN and Senior GP retention schemes. The fellows rose to the challenge of giving a three minute poster, PowerPoint or elevator pitch presentation to summarise their entire year’s project and outcomes! Presentations were engaging and the projects presented were wide ranging from looking at streamlining blood test requesting to women’s health issues and supporting various members of the primary care workforce.

Local system leaders also attended such as those from NATH, NCGPA, PCNs and some of Nottingham’s place-based partnerships. We are grateful to the fellows themselves and to local leaders and stakeholders in their efforts to spread and adopt good practice widely. It was exciting to hear that some outcomes are already being shared across the ICS.

We’d like to congratulate our fellows once again for their incredible commitment, enthusiasm and determination over the last year and wish them the best for the next chapter of their careers. If anybody would like to find out more about any of the Phoenix Programme fellowships, please email info@phoenixprogramme.co.uk.