Skilled Worker Visa Extension

11 July 2023

The government has introduced a new scheme which extends the skilled worker visas of eligible GPs by four months at the end of their training. This will reduce some of the pressures faced by many IMG GPs who require visa sponsorship after training. The extension is to allow the GPs to have time to secure and arrange employment and sponsorship.

Key points:

  • This is for GPs completing training only.
  • It is for skilled worker visas expiring after June 2023.
  • Newly qualified GPs must be on the Performers List in order to start work, irrespective of visa status
  • GPs can work as a locum during the 4-month period.
  • Eligible individuals will be contacted directly by NHSE detailing the application process.
  • It is optional and does not replace a new sponsorship arrangement or ILR.
  • Applications are welcome only within the last month before BRP expiry.
  • The extended time counts towards settlement (ILR).
  • Dependants are eligible too and should apply at the same time.

Please direct queries to UKVI on email. For more information about sponsoring practices, becoming a licenced sponsor and the funding support for practices in Nottinghamshire, please visit the skilled worker visa section of this website.