GP Trainee Transition Scheme

The GP Trainee Transition scheme was set up to support newly qualified GPs as they enter the local workforce. However, accurate figures have never been collected to fully ascertain the extent of the problem.

Key objectives

  • Support locally trained GP Trainees to gain confidence for independent practice
  • Encourage these trainees to stay locally
  • Support them to develop a sustainable and enjoyable career path which makes the maximum use of their skills and potential
  • Develop a workforce able to respond to the NHS 10-year plan

Feedback from Trainees

To date, 25% of the current final year of NUH trainees have had 1:1 discussions with us about their future plans once they have completed their training.

Clear themes arose from the interviews with trainees about their medium term plans (1-5 years post CCT):

  • Trainees are reluctant to go straight into partnership immediately post CCT. There appears to be a “try before you buy” mentality.
  • Many trainees want to work within a supportive environment for a period of time after CCT. There appeared to be a shared feeling of hesitancy in moving from a very supported role as a trainee towards working as an independent clinician perhaps highlighting the need for some mentoring to be available in their early careers.
  • There appears to be a hunger amongst trainees to continue training and for career development soon after CCT, with many trainees expressing an interest in developing a specialist clinical or academic interest. Many would like this to be in a structured environment such as a fellowship or fellowship lite scheme.
  • Most trainees felt that they did want to work as a salaried partner in a good practice locally.
  • Longer term plans included partnerships, becoming a GP trainer, developing specialities or doing private work.

There will continue to be engagement with trainees within their locality groups during ST3. Their timetable is available on the Nottingham GP Training website.


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