GP Trainee Transition Scheme

A survey of GP trainees in 2019 found that many were concerned about how they would adapt to working independently post CCT and suggested that they would value support and mentoring during training to ease this transition.

The Nottinghamshire GP Trainee Transition Programme (TTP) was set up by the Phoenix Programme in September 2019 as part of the response to this feedback. It is an education programme that compliments the well established teaching offered during GP training. The TTP aims to provide an introduction to the non-clinical aspects of life as a GP as well as to provide pastoral support to prepare trainees as they enter the local workforce as qualified GPs. It is a unique programme for our region.

“100% of GP trainees believed that being connected to the Phoenix Programme during GP training and being aware of the support that it offers to newly qualified GPs influences their decision to work in Nottinghamshire after they qualify.”

There is a natural ‘glide path’ that on completion of GP training, early career GPs can join our local GP New to Practice Fellowship programme. During this transition the Phoenix Programme can assist colleagues in finding employment and facilitating employment discussions. As part of the New to Practice Fellowship the support, mentoring and education will continue during the first two years of independent working.

Key objectives:

  • To support Nottinghamshire GP Trainees to gain confidence for independent practice
  • To support trainees to develop a sustainable and enjoyable career path which makes the maximum use of their skills and potential
  • To enable trainees to see the benefits of remaining in the local area post-CCT


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