GP Fellowship Lite

This scheme offers the opportunity for GPs to learn additional specialist skills e.g. community Gynaecology or support for urgent and emergency healthcare. The offer was initially just for newly qualified GPs but has now been expanded to include ‘First Five’ and mid-career GPs as well.

Fellowship Lite offers the first step for GPs to develop their portfolio career. The GP can choose a clinical or non-clinical fellowship lite e.g. gynae, dermatology, education or research etc.

Fellowship Lite is modelled on HEE fellowships but does not offer a post graduate certificate. It involves the GP doing a placement with a GPwSI, a community or secondary care provider to learn more about the speciality they are interested in pursuing.

GPs interested in taking up a Phoenix Fellowship should complete the registration form. If your practice or organisation would be interested in hosting a fellow then please email us.


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