GP-Consultant Twinning Scheme

The emergence of Integrated Care Systems is encouraging closer working between primary and secondary care to improve patient outcomes and patient experience.

The GP-Consultant Twinning Scheme aims to break down existing barriers between the sectors to enable more collaborative working across primary and secondary care.

Key Objectives

  • To increase familiarity between GPs and Consultants.
  • To improve appreciation of different working patterns and workplaces, increasing mutual respect.
  • To ignite opportunities for cross-organisation innovation and quality improvement.
  • To improve patient journeys and outcomes.
  • To ensure that work is appropriately carried out as per contractual requirements with more direct conversations between the providers of primary and secondary care

How will it work?

Consultants and GPs will have the opportunity to spend a half-day shadowing each other in their respective workplaces. The hope is that it will give both GPs and Consultants a better understanding of the challenges each other face, services they offer and ways they can work more collaboratively. Participation in the scheme would count for eight hours of CPD.

Scheme Progress

22 consultants from NUH were matched with GPs in Greater Nottingham in May and most visits have now taken place. Consultants from Sherwood Forest Hospitals have been matched with GPs in Mid-Notts for visits this autumn for a second cohort of this popular scheme. We have now opened up 5 places for GPs working in Nottingham and Nottinghamshire CCG to take part in cohort 3!

We will be compiling feedback from consultants and GPs following their visits to each other’s workplaces to assess the benefits of the scheme.

To register your interest for cohort 3, working with Notts Healthcare, please email us.


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