New to Practice Fellowship - Meet the Team

The NTP Tutors are a small team of qualified GPs with a special interest in education. Click on the banners below to find out more about our tutors.

Dr Gemma Wilkinson

Gemma Dr Gemma Wilkinson trained at the University of Nottingham and has been a local GP for almost 20 years. Gemma has a longstanding interest in medical education and has always valued a portfolio career. She has been involved with undergraduate and postgraduate education for doctors, nurses and other health professionals. She is enthusiastic about supporting colleagues to have fulfilling and sustainable careers. She firmly believes that Nottingham is a fantastic place to live and work as a health care professional, as evidenced by the fact that she arrived in 1992 and has worked here ever since.

Dr James Waldron

James James is a GP working in Nottingham and works with the Phoenix programme as a Tutor for the New to Practice and Trainee Transition Programme schemes. Though originally from the south, he moved to Nottingham for University but loved it so much he did his training here and intends to stay! James has a great interest in technology and online interactive education and has a boundless enthusiasm and drive to create and support communities of doctors and learners and also in finding new ways of doing things and delivering interesting interactive education. As a big extrovert he loves nothing better than spending time with people and has a passion for music and am dram, and is busy filling his house with guitars (15 and counting) but also play the violin with the NSO. James is also an avid traveller having taken 2 years within training to explore the world and try new and exciting things!

Dr Angela Chandrasena

Angela has been a GP for five years working in a practice in Rushcliffe. She trained as a Medical student in London then moved to Nottingham to finish her foundation years and finally GP training. She has an interest in Medical Education and has loved being a student again working towards her Masters in Medical Education at the University Nottingham. Angela is currently working on a project investigating why GP trainees underperform. She has recently become involved with the Phoenix Programme on the New to Practice Scheme and also enjoys getting involved with the training of GP registrars and medical students at her practice.

When at home, she loves being a Mummy to her two boys and spending time with her family. She is a keen reader and always has a few books by her bedside, adores travelling and exploring new countries. She has also now become more interested in fitness and loves following Joe Wicks and running outside!

Dr Daniel Crowfoot

DanC Dr Daniel Crowfoot works as a GP in Nottinghamshire after completing training with the Nottingham GP Specialist Training Programme. Daniel undertook a post-CCT (Certificate of Completion of Training) Fellowship and developed an interest in Medical Education and completed a Master’s in Medical Education. He now holds a portfolio career in undergraduate medical student education and clinical work as a GP. Daniel would like both GP Trainees’ and post-CCT GPs alike to realise the variety, support and potential that post-CCT Fellowships can offer in enhancing careers in primary care.


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