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The inclusion of links to other companies or individuals does not imply endorsement, we feel the opportunities listed on this page may be useful to Nottinghamshire GPs considering or currently working in portfolio careers.

Training Opportunities

Find out all the latest training opportunities for GPs across Nottinghamshire. They include clinical specialist and generalised training as well as specific skills development.

Some opportunities will have discounts for those who access them through the Phoenix Programme, so get in touch for more information on each opportunity.

  • Thrive have a new dynamic programme of online education courses in Social and Therapeutic Horticulture (STH) and Green Care. This informs you about how it works, who it can help, and what the research shows about its effectiveness. This opportunity will support individuals to begin using and improve the way they already use horticulture for health.
  • Nottinghamshire Local Medical Committee can offer a range of free learning and development opportunities available to staff working in Nottinghamshire practices. These are subject to availability through the East Midlands Leadership Academy. Please contact us to apply for a course.

Portfolio Career Opportunities

View the most recent prospects around Nottinghamshire, including GP practice vacancies and opportunities for portfolio working within Nottinghamshire. Please note that opportunities can be paid or voluntary. Please contact us for more information on any of the below opportunities.

  • Medical Advisor, Urgent Care Centre in Nottingham: The Nottingham CityCare Urgent Care Centre (UCC) is a Nurse-led service that provides assessment and treatment to people with urgent but not life-threatening health problems. This post would suit an enthusiastic, driven, motivated and flexible senior clinician who is registered with the GMC, having detailed demonstrable experience of clinical performance systems and the national regulatory framework. You will be able to drive a successful clinical governance agenda which delivers positive outcomes for patients and will have a proven track record of engaging clinicians in creative ways. Click on the highlighted link for more information.
  • Change, Grow, Live (CGL) are looking to offer sessional contracts to medics who would like to work within adult substance misuse treatment services in Nottinghamshire under the guidance of a consultant.
  • Nottingham City PCN Deputy Clinical Directors: The role is an exciting opportunity for Nottingham City clinicians to be at the forefront of supporting the development of networks to provide more joined-up care for patients and to reduce pressures on the primary care workforce.
  • The CCG are running, in partnership with NEMS, a trial of a GP during the daytime for NEMS Primary Care 24. You would help to test the concept that more people could be treated in the primary care setting than ED.
  • RCGP Quality Improvement Regional Champion: The RCGP are looking to explore the feasibility of developing QI Regional Champions on a voluntary basis to raise awareness and improve understanding of quality improvement in primary care.
  • Invitation to health and care professionals from all disciplines to apply for membership of the East Midlands Clinical Senate Assembly. This may not be a paid opportunity.
  • Local prisons in Nottinghamshire are looking to recruit GPs on a sessional basis for routine GP patients only. Working hours are 8am-2pm with excellent hourly rates, 15-minute appointments, flexible working, and peer support from other local GPs. This is a paid opportunity.
  • The GMC are always on the lookout for talented and passionate people to join them in protecting patients and improving medical education and practice across the UK. There are many roles offered to you as a GMC Associate.


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